Saturday, October 22, 2005

"12 more inches..."

I finally finished Tony's scarf. The pattern is from "Stitch and Bitch". It is called "Ribbed for her Pleasure" on page 58. ( i heart the names of the patterns in this book!) I started it in the beginning of October, and would have finished it faster had he not insisted that it be "12 inches longer" about five times. Here is a picture of him wearing it - cute, right?

I could not wait to start a new project, so using my brand spankin' new circular needles that my dad bought me - (yay dad!) I started knitting another scarf for my oldest friend Michi. With the promise to myself that this is the very last scarf I will make for a while. This one is from page 37 of "Stitch and Bitch Nation" and it is called "Mom's Sophisticated Scarf". Here is what it looks like so far...


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