Monday, January 04, 2010

2010: The Resurrection

I have thought many times about resurrecting this blog. For whatever reason, I never found the time or thought that I had anything interesting to say.

With ravelry, I no longer needed it to keep track of my knitting progress, and with facebook I did not need a way to let my friends and family what was going on in my life.

But I think I need a forum to vent, and to release my silly little thoughts and ideas that is more for me than anyone else. I don't think all my facebook friends want to be bombarded by all my silly daily ideas, complaints, or rants. So, I have resurrected this blog as a daily (maybe) diary of my life, my friends, my family. An exercise more for me than for anyone else. Let's see how long it lasts. The plan is to just pop in and out of the blog all day and write things all day long and publish at the end of the day.

One of the main reasons that I decided to re-start my blogging is to make myself more accountable to my body-changing goals. Let's not call it "dieting" goals or "excercising goals". In the past this has been my mistake. I do one or the other, never both, and that is why I do not get anywhere. Every year, at least twice a year I make the same resolution to"loose weight", "get in shape", "look better" (whatever the mantra of the season is), and every time I self-sabotage. It is easy to self-sabotage, isn't it? Either you don't work out as hard as you know you should (we all know when we are half-assing it), or we eat stuff we know is going to de-rail us from our goal.

My main issue has always been the food part. I LOVE food, and let's face it: healthy food does not taste nearly as good as a pizza, or a burger, or sushi, OR a glass of wine. And no matter what the packaging says on a box of "i-swear-it's-good-for-you-food", it is not even going to come close. However, the repercussions are a lot worse.

Feeling blah about myself, or knowing that I can't wear this that or the other because of my butt, or my stomach was not worth the lasagna, or the nachoes (although sometimes it is worth the wine) :)

So, January is here, and along with millions of other people I am starting the new year with new habits and new goals. This time I decided to add a little pressure to myself by joining GYMRATZZ.INC "Big-Squishy-Loser" (BSL)contest. GYMRATZZ is owned by my gym's Body Pump instructor, Erin. Body Pump is a class I fought against going for a long time. First, I thought my running was enough, who needed weight training - pishawwww! and second, I could hear Erin yelling at people through the walls! Believe it or not, those of you that know me, I am a little shy at first, and I was SURE she would call on me, or yell at me, or something... so I resisted. Oh, and the classes are at 5:30 (AM!!!).

Then, my sister-in-law started waking me up by calling me each morning, that, coupled with the fact that my ass looked exactly the same for years, I decided to start going. Erin ended up being not so mean :), and the class has really helped me push myself and do things besides runrunrun all the time.

Besides tracking everything in a journal, I am going to try and track what I am thinking, eating, doing on this blog. Maybe it will make someone laugh, but I at least hope it makes me feel accountable.

Today so far has been ok. Eating eggwhites with salt and pepper for breakfast is new to me. Usually I have a cup of coffee and will grab a piece of bread on my way out. For lunch I mixed a bunch of greens with a can of tuna and mixed it with balsamic vinegar, lemon juice and leeettleee bit of olive oil. I am drinking water (hope to get to 128oz of water a day, so far only 20 oz) and mate. I love me some mate.

Mondays are usually my day off from the gym, but I went in for the first BSL meeting, so I stayed and did 40 minutes on the elliptical. Kinda "meh" but better than nothing.

Oh, so for those of you that read this blog for my knitting - I still knit! I am just not good at taking pictures of my finished projects. And, I have started sewing - so far so good. The dresses that I have made for thanksgiving, christmas and newyears have not left me naked in front of my friends and family, so I consider that a success. (picture is of the dress I made for New Years!). I made some gifts for Ava (happy birthday!!) and will try and take pictures of her to show off.

Glad to be back to this... more later.



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welcome back, stranger! good luck with your goals!

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