Thursday, January 07, 2010

So far so good!

I cannot believe I have not cracked under the pressure! No wine. No pasta. No bread. No rice. AND, I am not DEAD! Can I get a woot woot!?

To top it all off, this week is hell week at work. I work in finance and the first week of the month we are closing out the previous month. I am responsible for submitting the revenue for a big account group. Every month I get the same questions from the same people and I have to explain the same process again without loosing my cool. Granted, you will hear me grunt and shudder after hanging up the phone, or hitting the send button in an email, but I have not yet told someone "really?! this question again?! are you kidding me?". So I say I should get extra points for not having wine during hell week.

I can't believe I have comments on this leetle ol' blog by the way. It has been so long since I was regularly posting, that I was sure I lost my faithful audience (of about 10 peeps). Even my best friend had taken me out of her blog-reading routine.

Gratzee, thanks so much for your comment! I would love to get some recipes. I need to get more mini meals during the day, so I would love to make one big meal and partion it off during the week so I don't tire myself with greens and chicken.

I am in it to win this competition!! (can you guys see the facebook note?) Ok, honestly, if I do not win the whole thing I would love to win a personal training session or two. I used to do that a couple of times a week a few years ago and I loved it. Sure, I complained and cried and whined, but I started seeing some changes, especially in my teenie tiny arms. The problem is that it is way too expensive when you have a mortgage, so FREE sounds about the right price for me.

At the same time, my company is sponsoring a new year new you contest. Basically, an employee earns points when they either a) join a WeightWatchers program and go to meetings b) Excercises. Well, I already do b) so umm, no brainer! The more points you accumulate, the more chances to win! We can win iTunes cards, ipods (woot woot!). Wii Fit games, and top winners will be eligible for cash winnings.

If having a small butt was not incentive enough, FREE stuff is! And now that I have put it up on a very public site, I cannot back down from it - can I?



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