Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I have looked all over for the cable for Tony's camera. I have asked Tony where it was, and he did not remember ever having it. I even asked Tony's sister and her fiancee for it... it was nowhere... UNTIL... I was putting some laundry away and found the camera cable and the carrying case in Tony's workout drawer! aiii aiii aii!!

So without further delay, here are my updates:

Christmas Gifts (received - not given this year):

My family is starting to get used to my addiction to knitting. They should be thankful, I am sure that it makes their Christmas and Birthday shopping easier! From Tony's mom I received The Yarn Girls Guide to Simple Knits, my dad gave me a Knitting Pattern-a-Day Calendar: 2006, and a scarf book. The calendar is already on my desk at work! I was not too inspired by the scarf book, so I will be returning it and getting something else knitting related.

Baby Sweater:

The baby sweater is coming along! I have finished the back of it, and half the front, but I think I am procrastinating it. I am scared that I am going to make a mistake and have to redo it. But I will never learn unless I keep trying, so I will probably work on it more tonight.

Maria's (reese) Birthday Scarf and Hat:

For Maria's Birthday last year, I made her a fun fur scarf, which was way too short, and way too narrow, but my best friend still wears it proudly. This year, I have made her a scarf way longer, and way prettier. I think she will love it!

Pattern: Warm Fuzzies
Source: Stitch 'n Bitch Nation page 39
Yarn: Caron's Simply Soft in "Orchid"
Modifications: Maria really liked the seed stitch at the bottom of Michi's Sophisticated Scarf so I added 6 rows of it at the beginning and end of the scarf. I think it gives it a nice personal touch.

Because she has been so gracious, and my best friend ever, (and because I have left over yarn) I have decided to make her a quick hat to match. Below is a picture of the pattern from The Yarn Girls Guide to Simple Knits.

I cannot wait for her to receive it!


Blogger becky said...

You got some fab gifts for Christmas. Happy holidays! :-)

11:44 AM  
Blogger Reese said...

Paloma, I just received my hat and scarf in the mail! You are amazing...thank you so much! Love you!!

7:46 PM  

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