Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Eli is a STAR!

When my old friend Michelle told me she was expecting I was shocked! When Michelle and I became friends in high school she was the one friends my parents were nervous for me to be around. We stayed up late, stayed out late, spent entire days together at the mall, pool, wherever. We pretended we were hot fashion models and took ridiculously hysterical photographs (I will spare you the images... trust me...) She was my "wild friend". (Note: My parents always liked her... she was just the craziest ones of my friends).

We had kept in touch off an on during our college years. I would find old notes we had passed to each other in the hall and always made me very nostalgic, and I would track her down. One of the last times we talked I found out she was getting married. SHOCKER! The last person in the world that I would expect to get married first was her. She seemed so happy when we talked, and I could tell she had found a great match and was excited about her new life.

A few months ago I received our high school newsletter which includes a "where are they now" section. It said that Michelle was expecting her first child, a boy. Again, SHOCKED! Thankfully this time, I had an email for her. I contacted her and kept in email touch while she was anxiously waiting for her little boy to join them.

I would write here the exact date when he was born, but I cannot find it in our listing of emails. But needless to say I could not wait to meet him, and of course I could not wait to knit something for him! Since I knew they were coming to visit soon, I wanted a small project, but I could not find anything inspirational online, or in my books, that could be done over a weekend. So I created my own! I made Eli a hat! I have been wanting to try working with two colors, so I found a pattern for a star on, and incorporated it. Now, this is one lucky kid... this hat is going to fit him FOREVER... because since I wanted it to be a surprise, I kinda guessed on the measurements, and it turned out a bit big..... (I will update with piictures once Michelle sends - ahem ahem!).

So here it is, "Eli is a star" hat :

PS: The bolero jacket is finished and gorgeous and soft and I wore it to work yesterday. The pics. of me modelling it... not so gorgeous and soft. I will do another fashion shoot and post soon!


Blogger Jade said...

Hi Paloma,

Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Yeah, the traffic sucks going to Aylin's. I love it there but I dread going back there as well.

Good luck with your handkerchief and I hope it turns out gorgeous so you will be motivated to move on to something more complex! ^_^

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Your Secret Pal said...

Love the star hat - nice colors! I can't wait to see the bolero pictures...

3:05 PM  
Blogger Zarah said...

Cute hat! I have also been freaked out lately by all my friends reproducing, but at least it makes for cute knitting projects!

2:28 PM  

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