Friday, January 27, 2006

SP & Rocks (again) and Friday Craziness

I love getting packages in the mail! And getting packages from my amazing SP7 is awesome because I think she knows me just by reading my little blog. It is amazing (I sound like Katie Holmes)!

First of all - just look at the package itself:

That is right: hellokitty! I -heart- hellokitty! Ever since I was a little girl in Argentina, and I really wanted to get hellokitty stickers and stationary and bookbags, and my parents did not give in to my every little tantrum. So when I see makes me happy!

Inside my hellokitty lovely package there was the following:

So so much cool stuff! Valentine's candy (yummie!), hellokitty tattoos - oh yes, tattoos!, hellokitty crayons, hellokitty erasers (for all my financial messes at work), a picasso calendar, so so lovely cause I love picasso and I needed a monthly calendar to keep track of the miles that I am running, an awesome postcard that I have now put as my picture in my profile, and... the BEST part - twisted sister hand died gorgeous yarn! It is GOR-GE-OUS! The picture does not do the color justice. It is a sherberty mixture of pinks, and greens, and I cannot wait to knit myself something with it. I am thinking of a drop stitch scarf, and that is what my SP7 recommended as well! I told you - I think she knows me already!

I thanked her over email - but I need to thank her publicly because she (and I know she is a 'she' because she packaged everything in a women's sneaker box) is making my first SP experience awesome!

Friday craziness:

We have been going through some crazy changes at work, and I think it is getting to us.

Exhibit A:

That is my co-worker and friend Bexters (names have been changed to protect the person's reputatio). She was doing the "happy deer dance" because her accounts did not have any issues while I was stuck scratching my head, crying and wanting a drink over a few silly numbers that did not match up!

Exhibit B:

We actually look up words on so we can acurately describe our moods. (and because we have to find any possible way to NOT do our work).

This was us at around..oh....11 a.m. when our blood was approximately 89.3% sweet tart:

"frolicsome: (adj.) full of high spirited fun; frisky."

Around 2:30 p.m. as we were coming out of our sugar high we were:

"inert: (adj.) sluggish; lethargic"

So this weekend, even though I have to fit in some time and work from home, I am going to go for a nice, long run, and do some major t.v. watching and knitting (yes, at the same time).

I have to block the baby sweater (I am procrastinating it cause it just does not appeal to me) and I have completed the back, front and half of the sleeves for my bolero jacket! I will take pictures today with my brand new camera and will post later.


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