Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Friends? What Friends?

I have two bestest closest friends:

Maria (Reese): Maria and I met the first day of high school where we bonded over General Hospital, crushes, cheerleading (I was the manager - not - a cheerleader.

Then she went to college, but she came back and we got into a fight and then we made up and then we got into a fight again, and then we made up cause she started dating Tony's close friend Drew (not perfect match - but the four of us had fun).

She got married October 2004 and I was a bridesmaid and that is how much I love her cause I WAS A BRIDESMAID. You can also tell I love her cause I made her this . (She is the blonde on the right in the picture, I am the brunnette on the left).

Michele (Michi): Michi and I met in Junior Highschool. We played basket ball together...ok, ok... she played basketball and I just kinda akwardly fumbled with the ball).

We also bonded over crushes, and over the fact that unbeknownst to us my older cousin and her older sister were friends since highschool. It still amuses us.

During highschool and college we were friends, then we weren't and then we were friends again and then we fought and then we made up. Sometimes because I am a drama queen and cannot seem to NOT fight (okay - alot of times) and other times cause Michi and I don't mesh politically.

Then in June 2004 she got married, and she called me and we talked and I was at her wedding too! We put aside our political and religious differences and I love her to death too. That is why I made her this.

Every month we get together and have "Girls Night". One of us cooks (some of us are better cooks than others - sausage and peppers - ) and we drink and we talk and we dance in front of open windows and wave at my neighbors. We vent about dads, moms, brothers, sisters, co-workers (not you Bex), husbands and triple L's.

I have not seen the girls in about a month and have been craving them. Reese called me yesterday and did not leave a message. I called her back as soon as I left work and all I heard was the annoying electronic voice "the person you are trying to reach does not have voicemail capabilities" blah blah (Why have a phone if it does not work? - Just saying). So I call her house and her huband tells me that he thought that she was out with me and Michi. Immediately I had thought:

1. Crap - Reese lied to her husband and used me as a cover and forgot to tell me - dummy!*

2. Reese and Michi are out together and did not invite me.

Since I was 99.9% sure that it was option 1. I called Michi so we could get Reese out of this mess. When she does not answer... it hit me... they are out having fun and drinking...without me! So I left a nasty message DEMANDING my scarf back. (a bit sarcastic, but still a nasty message)

I was upset, until they called me later and explained that they had both thought the other one would call me. And althought that made me feel better... I just wanted to publicly diss them on the blog. I wanted to put nasty ugly pimply pictures of them - but damn it if I don't have two of the cutests girls as friends!

Keep the scarves girls - I love you! but the next time you forget to call me... I am scanning in highschool pictures and posting them

*Editor's Note: Much like James Frey did in "A Million Little Pieces" I have taken certain literary licences with the charactarization of my friends. Of course Reese would never ever ever lie to her husband. I added that comment to bring a certain dramatic effect to the story. (And if she did I would not tell her husband because Reese is my friend and friends come first).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lomes, Yes you can be a little over-dramatic (I know, me too), and our past has most definately had some highs and lows....but we will always have GH to draw us back together....

10:28 AM  

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