Monday, March 27, 2006

I will stick to knitting - tankyouberimach!

My cousin - whose name will remain anonymous - is getting married soon. She asked me to "make her something blue" that she could carry with her on her wedding day. My mom, who is (highly) supersticious told me not to give her a handkerchief because that is bad luck and means that the friendship would end. To make her "a little rose instead". Now, she failed to come up with a good place for my cousin to pin a blue knitted rose on her beautiful gown. (Her shoe does not count mom) So, I decided to make her a handkerchief instead. I talk to her everyday and get into arguments with her every other day, so I know that my friendship with her would not end.

I went to a yarn store near my house, and talked to the lady, who sold me some verrryyyy thin yarn and some size 0 needles. I tried for an entire weekend to knit every other kind of lace I found in my ever growing collection of pattern books, but could not master it.

I cannot tell you how discouraged I was. Maybe cause I was on a deadline (I wanted to give it to her for her Bridal Shower) or maybe cause I had never tried Lace before, but I could just NOT do it!

So my mom and I found a book on Tatting, and I gave that a try.

Finished results:

Pictures were taken in the car, on my way to the Bridal Shower, at a stop light, so please excuse the bad images. It is not perfect - AT ALL... and I prefer knitting. But I made it for my favorite (way older) cousin who I love very much, so this project was worth every single second of frustration.

One last note: My cousin PROHIBITED me from posting pics of her on this here blog... So, here is me, and someone who may be my cousin, and another person who may be my other cousin (whose permission I have not asked to post her image anywhere).

Love you cous!


Anonymous Rachel said...

Tatting! Wow! I'm very impressed, especially given that you just took it up. You have a lucky cousin.

4:58 PM  
Anonymous Leigh said...

so THAT's what tatting is. i've always wondered--yours looks lovely.

bamboo knitting needles are the BEST in my book.

and your couch is FLY girl!

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Your Secret Pal said...

that tatting looks excellent! i need to learn to make some lace. great work!

4:44 PM  

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