Monday, April 03, 2006

Really.... she is too much...

My SP completely outdid herself. I thought that the final package for the exchange would be the last one she sent (remember it?). So imagine my surpise when Tony and I came home last Thursday to find another package by our front door.

The first words out of Tony's mouth were "you ordered something - AGAIN?!" but no, I hadn't. (Okay, yes, I have... but...nevermind).

My SP turned out to be Fawn over at f.pea and she ROCKS!!

I was in shock (for real peeps - I was!) and kept saying "I cannot believe she sent me ANOTHER package!". I took as many pics as I could while at the same time opening everything as fast as I could.

Here are some: adorable letter; SP socks that I now put on everyday as soon as I get home; assortment of really cute buttons.... from her own private stash... debbie bliss cashmerino something or other (can't remember right now - but its dee-lissh-ious; handmade soap! isn't she cute?...pic of her (say the word fawn, and the pic comes down); a much needed mouse pad (see evidence below); my secret pal socks that I won't take off...

old mouse pad; new mouse pad!! such an improvement...
another pic of my sock; me knitting... wearing my socks!

I could not have asked for a better first time SP experience! She completely rocks and I hope that we stay in touch. Thanks to her though, Tony is making me make him some socks. The yarn has been ordered.

In other knitting news, I got a yarn winder - wooo hoooo! I had so much fun winding my first two skeins, and when I told Tony this, he def. got scared that I woould get so much enjoyment from winding yarn.

In other knitting news, I am knitting a little sweater for my ex-co-worker, still kinda neighbor's daughter Momo. I started it last Thursday and I think I will finish it tonight! Will post pics and details tomorrow. But here are some pics as of Saturday morning:

that is the only part of my jade plant that will grow. It does not grow at all and I have had it for three years! Any ideas out there in the internets?


Anonymous Rachel said...

What a great package (and pal!). Those socks are fantastic.

You may recall from my blog that I am a ball-winder addict. Enjoy your new toy! I'm still not tired of it after 3 months of winding at every opportunity.

The little sweater you're working on is adorable! Love the color.

6:35 AM  
Blogger ms. pea said...

Thanks for helping me clean out my stash! Glad you liked the prizes.

Jade plants grow reealllly slowly. Make sure it has plenty of light, and make sure you let it dry out completely before you water it. Don't forget to give it a little plant food once a year in the springtime. I hear singing to them helps, too...

Cute sweater! I can't wait to see it finished!

8:40 AM  
Blogger AngeliasKnitting said...

Jade plants like dry weather. In California, they grow to the size of bushes. On the East coast, they don't get so big.

That Fawn - what a great SP she was! Glad you had a great SP first experience, too. :-)

7:56 PM  
Anonymous becky said...

You are SO SPOILED by your SP! Socks, soap, Debbie Bliss yarn...I'm jealous! :-)

9:05 AM  

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