Thursday, April 06, 2006

Random Rablings

Isn't it pretty? Those are the flowers that grow on the tree outside our little house. I love love love our little house, and it looks so homey when the tree outside starts blooming. Since today is such a cloudy, rainy, yucky day here in the D.C. outskirts, I needed something to cheer me up.

So I have a new internets friend. Actually, I have made a lot of new friends on the internets, but this one lives ACROSS THE STREET FROM ME!! Unbelievable. Here is the story for those of you that can deal with my ramblings. I am crazy about Crazy Aunt Purl. I read her blog every day, and when I am bored I go back and read past postings, to the point she might think I am web-stalking her, but she is just soo funny! Well, on her site she has a frapper map, which lets you map yourself. Well, I received a random message one day from someone saying something along the lines of "I saw you on Crazy Aunt Purl's map! I live in Woodbridge too!"

So we emailed for a few days and figured out we could walk over to each other's house! I have also persuaded her to revive her blog - so go check my new friend Wendy out! She has an adorable daughter that I cannot get enough off. She has persuaded me to give crochet a try, so as soon as I get rid of my yarn stash for pre-approved knitting projects, I will start the crocheing.

About that little stash issue. Ya... ummm...when I started reading all these knitting blogs and heard people talk about their "yarn stash" I honest to goodness thought - these people have issues! just use the yarn and then buy more - why clutter!.... I swear I thought that. And now, I repent.

Because, people, I have issues. Please see exhibit a, b, and c below:
Exhibit A: My newest purchase. Wendy told me that you could use Michael's coupons at A.C. Moore, and she gave me three for 40% off! Well, turns out that the only thing I wanted to buy was this gorgeous alpaca silk for my newest knitting obsession, the Somewhat Cowl by Knit and Tonic. (Her patterns are gorgeous!). But, the yarn was already on sale, so the coupons did not apply, and I got into this little discussion with the A.C. Moore girl, who clearly thought I was an idiot when she had to explain that to me like 4 times.

So, I bought the yarn anyways. And went to put it in my secret yarn hiding place so Tony won't notice how much yarn I buy (hi Tones!) and ya, the secret hiding place is kinda full (Exhibit B). Turns out I am a hypocrit. I am a yarn hoarding, stash loading person too. To add to it... I also kinda sorta stole my mom's stash (hi Mami!) and it is in the garage...(Exhibit C). So I have issues.

I finished the Momo sweater (in less than a week! I am getting good at this knitting thing!) and will block it and hopefully post pics next week. It turned out really cute, and I sorta kinda don't want to give it away. But I know I have to, so - sigh - I will.

Last but not least: Every Wednesday I get together at my dad's house to watch the Amazing Race. And every Wednesday he cooks. He is such an ego-maniac, and prudly presents his food stating "LOOK AT THIS! This would cost you $32 at any restaurant!". So this time, I took a picture. What do you people think? How much would you pay for this hoighty toighty meal created of random samplings of pate and cheese, seafood salad concoction, avocados, and god knows what else... $12.95?


Blogger yarnmaniac said...

Well, thanks for responding to my random message, or we never would have met!! Don't worry about hoarding stash; you are in good company. :)


10:15 AM  
Anonymous Rachel said...

That's so cool -- I wish I would discover a blog friend living on my block. What fun!

Sorry about your stash realization -- you'll come to embrace it soon enough.

5:52 AM  

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