Wednesday, October 17, 2007

FO: Breton Girl

I am trying to keep my promise and blog more often. Seriously, I am! All of Secret Charlie Projects are completed, and am very excited to share them with you. However, you will all have to wait until after the baby shower. Charlie's mom has tried to find out what they are, but I am not giving in. (pssst... if you are not Charlie's mom, and you are on ravelry, you can check them out here).

So, to appease the masses, here is a never before posted FO: Breton Girl!

Project name: Breton Girl by Kat Coyle from Knit Scene, Fall 2007.
Yarn: 6 skeins Elann Esprit (solid) in 8972 Charcoal, and 4 skeins Elann Esprit (solid) in 6399 Lilac. (I actually had a little bit left from each skein, but I like to
round up).
Needles: Addi Turbo's US 6.

More details on my Breton Girl project page in ravelry.

So, what do you guys think? Overall, I like it. Elann Esprit is wonderful to work with. The stretchiness, the feel of it, I really liked how it knit up. I love the shape of the garment, it is very flattering, although it does lift up on the sides if you do not block it. (mee?? not block? nevaahhh!) Can you see that I did not block it? *blush*. I have thought of seaming the sides together all the way down, but I don't know... ideas ladies?

Also, if you do decide to make this one, make sure that you choose your bra correctly. Trust me, some bras combined with the horizontal stripes make a girl look bustier than she wants. Although husbands/boyfriends may not mind, you may end up looking like Ana Nicole Smith. (there is photographic proof of this, and NO, I will not be sharing).

I also finished my Free People inspired sweater, which I will be showing you guys soon. Here is a teaser shot before I finished the arms, and added the buttons, and seamed it all together, and blocked it (yes, this one I blocked). It turned out pretty good, considering it is my first time designing something for myself.

Currently I am working on my Kusha Kusha Shawl, and sorry to tell you I have no pictures of that one. So far it has been a very irritating experience. I had to cast on for it about 4 times, I had to switch needles three times (yuckie Addi Naturas and their wonky joins!) and am considering changing them again. However, I am charting along, and want to get it finished before my upcoming trip to spain. (Isel, the bet is on!)

I also went to the Stitches East show this past week, and had a blast with my two knitting buddies (aka enablers). I do not know what I would have done without them there. Poor girls had to hear me say "which one do I want?" "Do I need this?" and "My poor credit card is bloated already!". I actually did not do so bad, and am kicking myself for not buying this green malabrigo lace that I saw there. I bought the grey, but I should have bought the green too. Especially after seeing what ms. Twisted Knitter is doing with it... * sigh*

Anyhooooo... That is all from me for now!

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