Monday, July 30, 2007

Shh... Don't Tell Anyone...

... but I am supposed to be catching up from a week long vacation from work. I am almost there. ALMOST. I returned from a nice relaxing time at the beach, refreshed, a little tanner, and ready to get back to the swing of things. It amazes me how a little short break makes your revitalized and eager to do the mundane chores that we get so overwhelmed with on a day to day basis.

There was a point at the beginning of this month that I felt that I could not handle my silly little job, that the ridiculous requests were just too much for me to handle. All I could think about during the day was when I was going to get home and knit, and relax (with wine - there I admit it!), so I took repeated breaks to ravel, and read blogs, and send my Tony emails. Then I got home, and all I could think about while I was "relaxing" is how I had so much work to do. Amazing how the mind works - eh?

After a week of sun, sleeping in, and nice long workouts (I needed to earn my crystal light and rum kids!), I returned home to 160 emails that needed "immediate attention". UGH! I thought I would never get done. But I took a deep breath, did not think about opening my ravelry, bloglines, flickr (ok - i took a quick peek at flickr) and now I only have like 10 emails left to go!

So here I am - taking a break and showing you my latest FO:

Pattern: Razor Cami
Yarn: Patons Grace in Taupe- 4.5 Skeins - approximately 612 yds
Needles: Size 5 Addis
Modifications: I excluded the border with a second yarn, added 3/4 inch ribbing at the top and made the straps a little thicker.

Hopefully I will have my first ever pattern surprise up for you guys soon. Right now I am working on my Habu Tunic, SecretMichiBabyProject 2, a test knit that I will tell you guys about once I ask if I can tell you guys about it, and my Free People Sweater.

The best part - I am so relaxed and content when I knit... ahhh! what a break will do!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My dad has too much time on his hands

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Teenie, Tiny Little Update

Believe it or not, there is a lot, a LOT of knitting going on. I have been taking my knitting to the pool on weekends and making progress. At first I was a bit weary of doing this. Tony gave me a look like I was crazy. Then last weekend I saw a lady crocheting a blanket poolside! Take THAT Tony!

I finished a little surprise pattern on our way and back from Pittsburgh. Hopefully I will have a photo shoot with the recipient in the near future and spend some time creating a pattern so all you wonderfully talented knitters out there can dedconstruct it and teach me a thing or two about pattern writing. I am expecting it, no worries! I also knit the first Secret Michi Baby Project (SMBP1). If any of you are on ravelry, you can check it out there - under lomester. I am not going to post any details until after the shower, she is so nosy my michi!

And I am today finishing my Razor Cami, AND I am swatching with my habulishoush silk for a summer tunic. See! I am knitting!

My dad's show went great and it gave me a chance to hang out with my disfuntional, crazy, but totally fab
family. We really have a lot of fun together.
See how cute my brother is? I love that picture of us - and yes, that is redgina you see!
My two brothers and I. Yes, that is my camera, yes, I am nervous that he is holding it, yes, I did make him wear the neck strap.And of course, the man of the day... yes, he milked it and was a bit of a diva. But we are proud nonetheless.

You can see more pics of our little weekend trip here.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The celebrities are catching on!