Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Lu's Hot Head

This past weekend was a great knitting weekend for me. I started making a hat for my brother two weeks ago, and because of work and other obligations, it was taking me too long. The pattern, again is from "Stitch and Bitch". Unfortunately, the first try at it turned out way too big, and so I gave that one to Tony (i think he looks like a thug in this picture).

Naturally, I needed to start another one for my brother! This gave me the opportunity to experiment with circular needles, and knitting in the round. I was working on the new "hot head" for my hot-headed brother at my dad's house, and he decided he wanted a hat as well! But it had to be black. So, after I finished my brother's hat (I think it turned out too small, but I have to have lulu try it on), I started with my dad's black version. And I zipped right throught it! I finished it during the weekend, and that is when Tony decided that he needed a black on to match his 12 more inches scarf. So I started that one as well.. and finished it in a day! I LOVE circular needles! Here is how it looks like on my dad... He looks like a troublemaker!

Since I still have not received the yarn for the baby sweater I want to make, I decided to make another scarf... yes, another one. This one I will send to my co-worker Marice who lives in North Carolina. She has been so sweet to me, even sending me a gift subscription to a magazine! I think she deserves it!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Introducing... Michi's sophisticated scarf!

Only a week after I started it, I finished Michi's birthday gift!! Her birthday is not until the end of November, so I am excited that I actually finished it way before. I am pretty happy with it, and with myself for keeping the pattern consistent, and the tension the same throughout. Yay meeee!
The girls actually came over on Saturday, and so many times I wanted to take out my knitting and knit away, but had to keep it under wraps so I would not ruin the surprise.

Now I am working on a hat from Stitch and Bitch for my little brother Lu. He had previously said that he did not want me to knit anything for him, but I think he felt a little left out, so he said he could use a hat. I started it yesterday, and I hope to finish it today. I ordered some yarn from The Knitting Garden for another project I want to start... I cannot wait to get it.... more on that later.