Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm here!!! I'm here!!!

You are all thinking... "here she comes again with the 1001 excuses of why she has not posted...blah blah blah, life, work, family, reponsa...SNORE!". And I could give them all to you, and you would all ignore me. I have been busy, yes, with work, sometimes, with life, always, with wedding planning, yes, but not my own!!

Tony's little sister got hitched last week in Guadalajara, Mexico! We had a blast, but girl needs to wait until the last minute to do everything, so I have been busy for the last few months helping her get everything done. If I do say so myself, things turned out pretty darn good.

(That is of course, after... 3 weeks finding a hairdresser, 6 hours delayed in Dulles, 4 different flights for 12 different people, 30 minutes to get ready for the rehearsal dinner, 150 peso bribe to the police officer who pulled our cab driver for speeding, 4 delicious quesadillas from a garage that thank-god
did not get us sick, 7 girls getting their hair and nails done in the span of 3 hours, 1 super sick bridesmaid (me - thankfully after the wedding), and too many tequila shots to count.)The wedding itself was a lot of fun. The food was fantastic, the mariachis were the perfect touch, I got a chance to see Tony's uncle and aunt that I care for very much, and I got a chance to dance with my dad, something I have never done, and am weary to do again :) I think papi and I need to take dancing lessons before my wedding.
Unfortunately that night I came down with something. All of the sudden I was shivering and had a fever. At first I thought... "how many tequila shots did we take?!" But the next day it was hard for me to eat - a sure sign something is wrong with me, and I was still feverish. Since we were leaving the next day, we took the opportunity to go to on a double decker bus ( a very touristy thing to do that we never do). My mami came with us, and she had fun posing over and over again until I got a good shot. This may not be her favorite, but I love it because she is smiling, laughing and seems to be enjoying herself.

My mom and I have a very unique relationship. We are so very different, and at times exactly the same (just ask Tony). Many times we misinterpret what the other is saying and it turns into a bigger deal than what it really should be. I will admit that I am as much to blame for that as she is, and I think that is normal when you have two different personalities interacting. But when she is happy and smiling and laughing and relaxed, and when I am the same, my mom and I have a blast together. I am sure that a lot of women out there have similar relationships with their mamis. Doesn't she look cute in that picture?

Oh, so in my not-my-wedding-induced hiatus, I have been doing alot of knitting. So do not fret, pictures and details of all my FO's will be coming to this blog in the near future. I can start with a small one today.

You likey? I really wanted some fingerless gloves for the office. I am one of the lucky ones that sit next to the window and it get so cold! All of the sudden as I am hard at work for hours at end (a little sarcasm for all of you), my fingers freeze up and it is hard for me to do anything else.

There are so many great fingerless glove patterns out there in raverly land, but none that I fell in love with for some reason. So I created my own pattern. I have it if anybody is interested. The only teenie tiny little problem I am having right now is that I cannot find the label for my yarn, so I cannot tell you what it is. I got it at Nature's Yarns in Fairfax, so I can run over there one of these days and figure it out. I bet you as soon as I do that, I will find the label in my knitting bag.

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