Monday, January 29, 2007

Phildar Asymmetrical Sweater

When I first started knitting and found the knitting blogging world, I found Becky. The fact that she could knit these things from complicated French patterns inspired me and it made me want to reach that level. I would look at the Phildar magazines on line and could not wait to be able to learn French. I even started listening to French podcasts so I could learn French, just to understand the Phildar patterns. Then I found out that Phildar was translating their patters, I bought some (at least 3?) of their pattern books.

This sweater was my first attempt at a Phildar sweater, and let me tell you kids, translated into English does not necessarily mean that these patterns make sense. No sirreee bob. Sometimes it seems that the pattern is just literally translated, without any thought to wether or not it is clear.

Thankfully, Olgita indulges me in question after question and teaches me how to do things to make the pattern work better for me. (this is the last time I make an entire ribbed sweater on US 3 with twisted stitches - yuckie!).

Pattern Details:
Pattern Source:
Phildar Asymetrical Sweater from
Phildar Tendances Autumn 2 N. 456
Yarn: Rowanspun DK in Mouse (I think 7 and a half skeins).
Needle Size: US 3 Susan Bates. This project made me realize that although I love the practicality of my Denise Interchangeables, nothing compares to some metal needles. I just bought 3 Addi Turbos from Yarnbow... hee hee.
Modifications: Olgita made me do twisted knitted stitches on the right side of the project since the yarn felts a little. This made the ribbing pop up more.
What I learned: Phildar patterns look pretty, but they are hard to understand. Read, reread, and see if you have a good knitting friend that does not get tired of your questions. Oh, and I also learned that sometimes, the buttons cost more than the yarn - although I love these.

edited to add: i also learned how to do a knitted cast on for the button bands (Olga made me do this too) and how to sew on live stitches to a garment.

Next on the knitting horizon are some gifts for my dad to take to Argentina with him. I finished some Fetching gloves for my aunt, and am working on a scarf for my uncle, then I have to do a little something for my grandmother ( I was thinking one of those cute little purses/clutches from One Skein) and something for my other uncle so he does not get jealous. A roll brim hat perhaps? what do you guys think?

As soon as I am done with that, I will continue my Phildar Swing Jacket... oh I cannot wait to attack that French pattern again.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Our new Girl's Night Participant

Really, I don't think she could be cuter.

The entire "Girls" (Jess on the phone)


Thursday, January 18, 2007

My First and Last Day with Ivan

You guys know how I am. I like to tell stories with my knittings.

ivan was requested by Brandon, my Godson's older brother, who just fell in love with igor when he first came into the picture. Every time that I would see the boys Brandon would expect me to have an "ivan" hiding in my purse.

Althought they are not my boys, I feel some responsibility to teach them some important life lessons. So I started with learning how to be "patient". igor first appeared in August, and I told Brandon he would have to wait until his birthday in December to have his own. I got a lot of grunts and grumbles and 'oh maaaaaannnsss' but I would not be a good teacher if I did not stick to my timeline.

While they were learning how to be "patient" I was learning how "not to procrastinate". Because I finished ivan at approximately 3 a.m. on the day of Brandon's birthday party, which ended up being also Reese's baby shower.

It was nice to have him around that day, as I needed the company while I ran errands:

First her helped as I got lost in my neighborhood of at least 15 years because I was too tired and I missed my turn. He was begging to have a shot at the wheel, but ya, he could not reach the pedals. He made me stop and get coffee, and make sure that the SAP were secure during our travels. I think he became even more nervous when we picked up the baloons. The decreased visibility and my lack of sleep is not a good combination. Thankfully he also helped me eat some of the candy that was passed out at the baby shower, and quickly took a nap.
Although he was fun to have around for the day, it was a lot more fun to see Brandon and Chris happy to finally have him in their lives. Those smiles say it all. (and then they got silly)


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Secret Ava Projects (SAPs) Revealed

Ava will finally arrive in the next couple of days, and so, without further delay, here are the much awaited Secret Ava Projects:

Secret Ava Project 1:
Pattern Details
Pattern Source: Mary Jane Slippers (I think that was the name) from Adorable Knits for Tots: 25 Stylish Designs for Babies and Toddlers
Yarn: Jaeger Siena in Meadow (1 skein? It was left over from the baby sweater I made a while ago) and the pink was yarn my mom bought a long time ago when she thought my brother might be a sister. Needle Size: US2 and US3 Recipient: Ava :)

Secret Ava Project 2:

Pattern Details
Pattern Source: Baby pillow from Jaeger Siena in Meadow (1 skein? It was left over from the baby sweater I made a while ago), pink left over from mom and Patons Grace in Snow
Needle Size: US2 and US3
Recipient: Ava

Secret Ava Project 3:

Pattern Details
Pattern Source:
Baby Bolero from One Skein: 30 Quick Projects to Knit and Crochet
Yarn: King Tut Cotton (can't find the right color)
Recipient: Ava

Secret Ava Project 4:Pattern Details:

Pattern Source: Baby Balnket from Stitch and Bitch Yarn: TLC Cotton in Light Rose and Cream (knit together) Needle Size: I want to say US8 (can't remember right now) Recipient: Ava

Secret Ava Project 5:

Pattern Details
Pattern Source:
Teddy Bear from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies (I finished this one at 2 a.m. before the shower).
Yarn: I think it's Paton's 100% Wool made for felting... if anyone really wants to know I will find the label and let you know.
Recipient: Ava
Maybe the next pictures I show you is of my new niece wearing, or next to one of these items. It was a joy to make them for her, and for Reese, but it will be even a bigger joy to be a part of her life.