Friday, March 14, 2008

Finally Sharing this FO!

Finally showing you guys this one. I am conflicted about it to be honest (can you tell by my face). Originally this yarn was for what has now become known as the "infamous bolero disaster of 2006". When that did not work out, and I did not find anything else I wanted to knit with it, and Olga told me that I could make up a pattern for myself, I decided to copy this Free People cardigan.

I am conflicted about it because I don't LOVE it like I love other things I have made. I do not like the yarn, it pills a lot. And I did not have enough of it. I had originally intended to make the sleeves a lot longer, but I ran out of yarn. The button band won't stay down either, it drives me nuts. Oh, and I am a HORRIBLE button sewer, so the buttons fall off a lot. I had the idea that this would be a sweater I could wear all the time, I would leave it at work in case I got cold. But because of the sleeves and the length of it it just does not work like that. So, it is disappointing in a lot of areas.

However, I am proud that I did this all by myself. I looke
d at a picture, and I did the math, and I figured out the stitch pattern and I made myself a cardigan! That I am happy about. Super happy about. I do not know that I will be doing this again anytime soon (wedding planning takes over so many math brain cells - especially when you do not want yourself, or your father, to go broke), but the fact that this is finished gives me the confidence boost I need to know that I can do it. You just need a little bit of patience, and a good calculator.

All details in ravelry - here.

So right now I am working on Ash for me, and a few more democrats for some friends, and as a prize for someone participating in the Obama T-shirt challenge. I just finished a vest for my dad too. I am hoping to get him to do some modeling this weekend.

Oh, and speaking of my dad, he was very disappointed that he did not get photography credits for the wedding pictures (diva). So , yes, my dad took those GREAT pictures at the wedding... (such a primadonna).

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

New men in my life and new obsessions

You guys remember all my secret Charlie gifts - right? Well, now, for the first time ever, I present to you the famous-up-until-now-unknown Charlie!

I don't want to brag or anything, but my friends make the cutest babies don't they? I mean, look at those cheeks! Charlie is growing fast and people are surprised to know that he is only three month's old. In fact, people think he is more like seven months old. More power to him! And better biceps for Michi, cause Charlie is an un
expected arm workout.

He was a little cranky that day, and I think it is
because he is not used to being around a Democrat. Apparently, Charlie's favorite toy is an elephant, which makes me think he needs some outside influence in his life.

Unfortunately, his auntie Lomes (and uncle Tones) are not able to hang out with him as much as we want, so I decided to send a permanent friend and LomesTones representative over to the Charlie household.

Meet donkey:

Donkey went to live with Charlie and will talk to him and hopefully influence him so he is ready to make his vote a few years from
now. Of course, if Charlie has such an influence in his life, we wanted to make sure that Ava was not without a donkey friend of her own. So another donkey went to live with her, and another one stayed with us. (mainly cause they are so darn cute, I really wanted one!)

Now, I do not like to openly talk about my political beliefs, or religious beliefs on my blog. I think everyone is entitled to their own view points (as long as they are democra
ts - haha - just kidding), and I am so stubborn about my viewpoints I would annoy people and not keep many friends. However, we need to go out there and vote (democratic :) ) and support the candidates as much as possible. We have such an opportunity to make our voices heard with each and every election, that I do want to encourage everyone to get out there and get involved.

Ms. pea has started a great group for Obama support
ers. (Yes, I am one). I am going to join this one, althought I do not think that I will be able to have a very creative contribution. If you are not an Obama supporter, I am sure there are venues out there for you to support your candidate, and I encourage you to do so.

Okay, I am off my soap box now... see, me, stepping down...

So here is my new (knitting) obsession. I saw this on General Hospital (ya, I watch, yougotaproblemwiththat?) and I cannot stop wanting to make it! UGhh I am so obsessed. I spent a few hours on ravelry looking for similar patterns and came up with this and this and this. Which one do you guys think is would be best? and what kind of yarn should I use to make sure that it is nice and soft and drapey like Carly on General Hospital (love the Carly by the way! She is one crazy ex-mob-wife-married-to-an-aussie (who almost left the show until Reese and I screamed NO INGO COME BACK) and I think she is brilliantly dealing with her son running away (becuase he shot his mob fathers girlfriend from couture magazine) while she is pregnant for the 3rd? 4th? 5th? time. Well, at least she looks great.

So tell me, what do you think?

And I will leave you with one more adorable pic:
(isn't michi the cutest? She insists on him wearing the sweater I made him even though it is now a cropped quarter sleeved cardi on his buddah belly. I love this kid!)

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