Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sending a little Sunshine to Cambodia

Do you remember SOL? I made him for a friend in need a of a little sunshine a while ago. Remember him now?
Well, SOL accompanied my friend and her husband on their 4 month trip around the world (me?- jealous? - nah! :( ) SOL was, I am told, kept in the pocket of their backpack the entire time. He was able to visit, England, France, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Italy, Monaco, China, Thailand.... I am sure that I missed some countries . (me? jealous? naahhhhhh)

Turns out SOL decided that my friends were tiring him out, so he made a new friend in Cambodia, and decided to just hang out and live there from now on:

Problem is, his new friend seems to like having SOL look at his feet all day long.

(By the way, yes, SAP pics coming soon... promise)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

She Luvvreeeddd it!

Pattern Details

Pattern Source: Bulky Circular Bolero from ms. Gleek. Such an easy to follow pattern that knits up so quick and cute! (it was not as quick for me since I kept being distracted by SAPs). ms. gleek just rocks!
Yarn: 8 balls of Gedifra Living in Cabernet
Needle Size: US 10.5 from the good 'ol Denise Interchangeable set
Recipient: tony's mama. Let me tell you something, this woman, not so easy to knit for. I have knitted her a couple of scarves and she adores them and wears them. (no pics since they were from my beginning fun fur days, and I am embarrased by the acrylic). And as I think I told you before, she wanted me to knit her a sweater, and I did NOT want to knit her a sweater, but promised to NOT knit her another scarf for her birthday. She kept insisting on a sweater, and the colors were very specific, dark blue or black or dark burgundy red. This color was perfect because her and I share a love of wine (as I am sure many of you out there do as well) so the name Cabernet was just the finishing touch to a well thought out project. She was more than delighted and wore it the entire night while we celebrated her birthday at my house and drank wine and ate cheese.
As much as I dread actually spending time on knitted gifts that I fear will never be worn, responses like hers were well the time not spent on my Phildar Asymmetrical Jacket.

This past weekend was also the reveal of the Secret Ava Projects and ivan the robot. I am going to try VERY VERY hard to post the next two days with those pics. If you don't see me...

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! From lomester


Thursday, December 07, 2006

I do TOO still KNIT!

I have been lacking a little blogging mojo, but not knitting mojo... but don't worry kids - I AM BACK!!

Here is what I have completed lately:

Roll brim hat made out of one Sken of NORO Shinano 65% Wool and 35% Silk for my little brother Pablo. I made him a ribbed scarf about a year ago with similar colors and told him i would make him a hat to match. I have to admit, I normally do not like different colored yarn. I am a one color, consistent type of girl. But man-0-man am I in love with this NORO. I hope he likes it too.

Tony's mom wants a sweater for her birthday. I have a hard enough time with sizing for sweaters for myself, I did not want to make a horrible sizing mistake with her. Plus, I have not made a sweater for my own mom, she would be so upset if I made one for Tony's mom first. So I compromised in my mind and decided to make her this Bulky Circular Bolero provided by ms. gleek. I ran out of the Gedifra Living in Cabernet, and cannot wait for the rest to arrive. We are celebrating her birthday this Saturday and I really want to give it to her. Oh the pressure!!

Last but not least is my Phildar Asymmetrical Sweater. Knit on US size 3, and it is killing meeeee!! I always choose the projects with the small gauge - why?!?! It is turning out really pretty though - take a look:

That right there is the back, right front and almost all of the left front. Now all I have to do is the sleeves, button band and neck. Not much - right? :) I bought a great gray skirt that I think will look so cute with this sweater once it is done. I want to make a couple more small Secret Ava Projects (SAP) before the baby shower next weekend, so this is going to have to wait for a while until those are done.

I cannot believe Ava is almost here, and not only do I get a new niece, but I get to finally share all my projects with you guys.

Oh, one more pic: