Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Last Girls Night without Ava

We started girls night as a mandatory reason to see each other. With busy work/married/liveinboyfriend lives, it sometimes gets so hard for the four of us to see each other, make dinner together and share a bottle of wine while venting, talking, being silly.

It was hard at first to have us all four together since Jess lives in Rhode Island (or is it Maine - I always forget cause she never emails me). But we managed to get her on the phone a couple of times - we were NOT drunk dialing - and we all spent some time together, as best with could. Then the situation got a bit more complicated, cause Reese got pregos, and it is so hard to enjoy wine when one of us is drinking O'Douls (disgusting). But being together with or without wine always brings me a type of comfort that I can't share with anyone else. Isn't it weird how girlfriends are so comforting, annoying, sisterly, opinionated, encouraging and supportive all in one package? I could not ask for better "sisters".

Our girls nights are going to be a bit more complicated the next few months. Reese (as mentioned) is pregos, and Michi decided to go on a trip around the world. She obviously did not considered that I would be left alone to deal with the pregos woman when she made this decision. I hope she brings me something nice to make up for it.

Anyways, this is a picture of all of us together one last time before our whole world goes topsy turvey (Jess is on the phone):

You see, when Michi returns from being a world traveler, we will have about a week before this party of four turns into a party of five ( I miss that show - but thankfully we can see Charlie on LOST). Ava (in Reese's tummy) will be joining us at the next girls night.

How funny how four highschool girls worried about the hair, their makeup and the boys in their study hall are soon going to turn into four adults that worry about their hair, their make up and their boys in the other room, and now, we are going to have to teach little Ava to not do all that.

Since this is my first "niece" I am going to make her a bunch of little things (I hope). But since this is a laborious and painstaking process (knitting, that is), Reese is not going to get any of it until she goes through the laborious and painstaking process of carrying little Ava for 9 months. I think it's a fair exchange - no?

Here is a peek at the first little thing I created for Ava. We will call it Secret Ava Project (SAP) 1:

That is all you are getting.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Clutches and Secret Pals

Today I have no witty stories or comments, just appreciation. My secret pal sent me her last package - the reveal package - and I was astounded. She outdid herself and I truly feel spoiled.

I am probably going to forget to mention everything that was included in the package, she sent so much!

My Secret Pal this go around was Jan. I was blogstalking all day yesterday and man o man is she another talented knitter. I cannot wait to read more of her blog.

Jan lives in Oregon, so she sent me gifts that related to her part of the world. "Hottie" provided the home grown alapaca yarn. Apparently Oregon is big into raising alpacas - who would have know. Also in the package ais some Oregon vanilla soap; Tazo teas (perfect since I am big into teas lately); Salt and Vinegar Kettle Chips (yummie); some cute buttons and a switchplate from local artists (the buttons are decorating the bulletin board at work - the switchplate has yet to find a home); the funniest was the "Museum of Kitschy Stitches" book. hysterical. (althought Tony liked a couple of patterns in it - questionable), and the light up needles. Now I have two sets!

Thanks Jan! It has been so much fun receiving your gifts, and I cannot wait to get to know you better! Man I love the internets sometimes.

Speaking of, I want to send a quick little shout-out (woot woot) to my girl Macoco for putting up with my email rants today... you rock sista!

I finished the One Skein clutch that I made for my aunt's birthday this past weekend. I did not get a picture of her luvring! it, but here are some before and after shots:

My aunt really loved it. She is kinda quirky so this fit her personality perfectly. Instead of buttons, I just pinned a broach on the front, so she can interchange the look. Pretty cute -eh?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


...annoying that my best friend keeps bugging me to update the blog when she a) never updates hers b) has only commented twice on my blog c) won't let me put any bad pictures of her. (hi reesey poo!).

But, because she is very delicate lately, and I am such a good friend, I am updating for her.

Here it is, a brand new FO: Somewhat Cowl!

The photoshoot was done at my dad's house. He is currently re-doing his patio and building a brand new deck all by himself. He thinks he is the coolest man on earth right now, and I will give him the coolest dad, but man? I mean, does he know that Bono exists? That man just sweats coolness.

Anyhoo, I digress. I had hoped that my dad would take (good) pictures of me, like he used to do when I was a little girl, but the man has lost his touch. So I spent about 45 minutes outside playing with the camera, setting it up and taking self portraits of myself. Why 45 minutes? Because about 98% of the pics I took of me made me look like crap. If I was silly enough to show them to you, you would all see that besides the surgery for my 5 chins, I should also invest in 1) Oxy 10 for the pimples 2) LeMer for the wrinkles, and 3) I should have also left my bangs alone, and not gone to the hair dresser today and asked her to trim them, cause now they look all short and ridiculous.
So, I am not going to show you any of those pictures, but here are three more (my dad took the last two):

Okay, okay, I will stop being hard on myself and admit that I think I did a pretty good job on this one. I love the color on me, and the shape. It might still be a little bit loose, but perfect for those "bloaty days" (too much info? too bad!). The arms are still too big, but I think it is because I got teenie tiny spaghetti arms, and I will start doing more bicept curls so I will stop having this problem. When I blocked it, I folded the neckline, so it looks a bit Joan-Jetson, and I don't like that too much, so when I wash it again, I will make sure that the neckline is folded in.

Pattern: Somewhat Cowl from KnitandTonic. Yarn: Peru DK Luxury in 02 (70% Merino Wool 20% alpaca 10% Silk) Needles: (size 6 needles) Denise Interchangeables

There you go Reesey - updated just for you.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bolero or Dilosopharous?

When you cannot tell the difference between the two, it is time to frog. Scary - I know - but scarier is how I shot this pic of myself... Could I have given myself more chins? (I think I count 5...)

It was a tough decision, and thanks to everyone that responded and gave their opinions. Since it was my first knit for myself, I was completely tempted to keep it and stare at it, and remember the good old days when it would take me five months to knit with Chunky yarn. But, as I was thinking about this, I also remembered the dent this yarn made in my wallet, so, I frogged. There is no sense in having so much money just sitting there staring at you.

Another question I am asking myself is why I decided to roll up all the yarn into one big ball... isn't that a good question? Ya - the only thing I can come up with is I was drinking wine. I have not started re-knitting this yet, but I forsee it being a problem - especially when I have to (re-)do the sleeves.

Soo, goodbye to my bolero jacket - part I... let's hope part II turns out better.

(Don't I look like a flasher in this pic? - sorry peeps!)

Monday, August 07, 2006

igor.000739 was a Huge Success!!

Friday, August 04, 2006


Our godson Chris is turning five this month. (That is the little tazmanian devil there on the left). We were trying to figure out what to buy him for his birthday, and we were having a very difficult time. See, him and his brother Brandon have every imaginable toy you could ever think of.

It is not that hard to please them really, Superman, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Ninjas... easy - right? But that is the problem, they have so many toys that any toys that we buy for him is just going to add to the every growing pile of toys that he will outgrow. Plus, we want to be responsible godparents and get him something educational - or in his mind's eye: not fun.

Last year, after our friend suggested it, we got him a Leapfrog. Apparently, despite the fact that it is educational, the Taz Dev loves it! So this year, that is the first thing we thought of - and we got him a Leapfrog game that teaches all this PreK and K stuff. Since he is going to school this year, we also bought him a backpack, a lunch bag, crayons, pens... and threw in the mandatory cheesy Spiderman game, which I am sure will be his favorite - sigh.

We have also decided to open up a savings account that he can have access to when he is 18. Most people open up a savings account so their child/godchild can have some money when they enter college. Not us. After getting our bachelors and masters, we know how easy it is to get a loan, and how the monthly payments are not that bad for the rest of your life. Maybe, by the time Chris is 18 the U.S. will have evolved enough to understand the importance of education and provide free college education like other developed and underdeveloped countries. But that is a soap box that I will save for another day.

No, we as godparents have chosen to save money so Chris can one day travel wherever he wants. Both Tony and I have traveled (together and separately) through many parts of the world (argentina, guatemala, mexico, cuba, spain, italy, germany, austria....there is more) and the education that we get from those travels is immeasurable and irreplaceable. We want Chris to have that same gift.

Added to his list of toys, is, of course, a hand-knitted item (was there ever any doubt kids?). I present to you igor.000739:

Tony named him igor - I added the 000739 because it sounds so robotic. I love this guy! And, yes, people this will be my last handknitted toy in a while, because I have so much yarn predetermined for projects, I need to get rid of it.

igor is again from one of Jess Hutch's patterns. Her designs are so quirky and full of life, you really fall in love with them instantly. igor is also my first real attempt at intarsia (pretty good job if I do say so myself) and the first time I made an i-cord... not the most challenging technique, but first time I did it!

Now, I am not kidding myself. I know this is not going to be Chris's favorite gift. He will probably categorize it as a "baby toy", however, I am one day, when he goes to college igor is going to go right along with him (cause I will pack it for him) and he will never forget that when he was five I made this for him (cause I will remind him).

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Thanks SP!

I was so surprised to get home last night and find another package from my SP.

Well, to be honest, I was surprised that the mailman was able to fit a 8 inch wide package into something that had an opening of 6 inches. I pulled, and prodded and tore, and it was still not coming out of my mailbox.

Tony was getting impatient because we had to go to his parents for dinner, and he suggested that I leave the mailman a note asking him to leave it on our door step. Ummm... ya, no! I was not about to wait another day for a package from my SP!

Thankfully, I had my knitting bag, and therefore I had my scissors nearby, and I managed to actually open the package inside the mailbox. (The lengths I will go to for a nice gift!) A neighbor was actually waiting behind me to get her mail as I was doing this. And I just smiled politely and told her "one minute!!". Thankfully she understood... maybe she knits too?

Regardless, here are the goodies in this package:

That is some super yummie mohair/merino blend that I have no idea what i will do with, but it will certainly not be gifted to anyone cause it is gor-ge-ous. It is from my SP's stash and now I cannot wait to find out who she is so I can blog stalk her and figure out what she did with this yarn. I love it!

What do you guys think I should do with it? Any pattern ideas for me ladies (and gents). Not that I lack projects - trust me... I don't, but when you see such pretty yarn, you have to use it!

Also included in the pretty package:

Napkins, which are too cute to wipe your dirty mouth with - what should i do with them?; a cute notebook which I plan on keeping next to my knitstand for those "oh-gotta-do-that-tomorrow!" moments; sheep clips! SO SO SO adorable. I brought them to work but they are going back home cause the are too ctoo cute to get lost in this paper pile; a "do this" notepad to write notes to tony (hee hee!); and a hellokitty pen, and i looooooovvee me some hellokitty. This is now my pen in my knitting bag pen.

Thanks again SP, you rock!