Thursday, April 27, 2006

I always end up doing recaps...

...because I am lazy and don't update the blog as often as I should. Considering I get mad when Crazy Aunt Purl goes more than 25 hours without updating hers, often for me should be every 2 days.

So, had girl's night last week, while Tony was out of town, and we took silly/bad pictures with tiaras because we watched the Ms. America pageant. The girls asked me not to post them (really bad pics). I have to say that the pageant was incredibly enlightening, and actually touched a lot on socio-economic problems. Most importantly, the U.S. needs a better education system, especially in Alabama:

Ya...ummm... it's A-L-A-B-A-M-A, with an L for Literacy. (Hi everyone out there in Alabama!)

Knitting news: I still knit. Promise!

I finished the scarf from One Skein I made for my cousin in Argentina. It turned out really cute, and the best part is that is that I used 6 balls I had left over from my Bolero Jacket fiasco. From the pictures you can't tell, but it is half made of Cashmerino Chunky and the other half from MERINO Chunky. Oh well. People that get hand-made gifts should not complain.
Salina is on hold. I really want to finish my mom's mother's day gift first, so Salina has to wait. Here is a pic of the back and some of the front, just to prove that I don't just talk about knitting it.

As far as my mom's mother's day gift goes - I need a swift. (is that what you call it?) 'Cause you know what happens when you cross some wine, with a yarn winder and really thin yarn? This happens:

So annoyed. However, in the end, I had a nice little collection of yarn balls. Before and after pics below.

I will try to update this more often. Meanwhile, if this post has any spelling or grammatical errors, people from Alabama feel free to contact me.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Best little/little brother ever!

I call him my little/little brother cause I have two little brothers, and the other one gets jealous . Pabs is the youngest of the two, 10 years younger than me. He has been doing so well with his business that for my birthday this year he got me a gift that would make up for the fact that he was not able to get me a gift last year.

I went over to see him and my dad on Wednesday for Amazing Race Night, and I think he could not wait until my actual birthday to give it to me.

Here it is, my birthday present 32 days before my birthday (My Bday is May 30th - write it down people!)

It is a lexie barnes ladie b bag in "Lime Rickey" pattern! (The pictures are from the kpixie site, I took pics at home, but have not had the chance to download them and was too eager to show you guys this!)

I LOVE IT! It is so cute, and functional and fits so many supplies inside. Thanks Pabs!

Now, all I need is a matching betty needle case, maybe in Parfait? Will my little brother like to take that one on?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Yarn Porn - Children Beware

Two weekends ago, I spent the ENTIRE weekend going through my mom's stash. The stash that I stole. And since I just bought a ball winder, and am OBSESSED with it, just like Rachel, I then spent the remainder of my week winding as much yarn as I could.

Here is the final result:

I threw away a lot of it. Mostly pink. My mom had this habit of keeping just the teeny tiniest amount of yarn, and I was about to follow in her footsteps. The more I thought about it, the more I knew I would rather just go buy more yarn.

Some of my favorites:

I think I remember that my mom was going to make herself a sweater out of this color combo. Please forgive her, it was the 80's. When I first saw it, I thought I would split up the pink from the grey, but I soon found out that it would take forever.

What do you guys think - clapotis? I think there is enough yarn for it.

Does anyone know how I can figure out the yardage of some of this yarn? I have no idea. This purpley one is so nice, and I would like to know how much of it I have before I pick out a project.

Because most of this yarn is from Argentina, there is no way for me to run to the store, or ebay and get some more.

But isn't this lovely? I cannot wait to figure out what to do with it.

I was going to use this yarn to make my mom a Reversible Rib Shawl (yes, Rachel over at licketyknit has been inspiring me lately - hi Rachel!). But 1) I thought I had more 2) I think my mom would get mad that I used her yarn to make her a mother's day gift.

So I have no idea what to do with it. I will come up with something, I am sure.

Isn't it pretty? It looks like a dusty rose. Hmm... maybe my One Skein book has some ideas I could use.

Also have absolutely no idea what I am going to do with these, but I thought they were so pretty.

Maybe I will use them to make baby gifts. Here, again, it would come in real handy if I knew the yardage. ARGH! Maybe someone out there on the internets has an idea for me.

In other knitting news, I am almost done with a scarf (my first cable experience) that I am going to send out to my cousin in Argentina. It is getting cold over there, and I never send her anything. I thought this would be a nice surprise. The pattern is from One Skein, but since I am always being made fun of for my short scarves, this one has like 4 skeins. Hee. I will post a picture when I am done.

I am done with the back and half way the front of Salina. I think because I am using size 5 needles, the whole process is taking forever. Maybe this week I will get more done. Especially since I have so many other projects in mind! First, I have to start the R.R.S for my mom, since Mother's Day is right around the corner; then I have socks to make for Tony; Tubey for me; Somewhat Cowl for me; and god knows what other things I have lurking in my secret stash box.

I also have been oggling Becky's Holey Sweater that she is making from Phildar's Automne Tendances 05. But since it is in French, I knew I would never get to it. Then, I was reading one of my reg blog reads, BeeKnits, and I saw that Jade was making the same sweater! She had translated the pattern to English and she sent it to me! YAY!!! I think I might use the yarn my Secret Pal sent me on her last package. I need to check the gauge today, but it might be a nice fit. Thanks Jade! (She also lives in VA, so I made another friend in the area - so excited.)

And last, but not least - why the heck does Cindy Crawford have to wear what I wear ALL THE TIME?! Such a wanna be!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Momo's Sweater

I finished it! and in less than a week - which totally shocked me. It turned out gorgeous, but not as beautiful as it's owner.

I mean, really people, could she be any cuter?!

The sweater is a little big, but we (her mama and I) purposely did it this way so she could wear it next winter. However, she seems to already be a bit of a fashionista, because she loves it so much she wore it to bed!

The pattern itself was really easy, because it was done in one piece, and then stitches were picked up for the collar.

Pattern: RIBBED JACKET Debbie Bliss: Special Knits
Yarn: Cascade 220 # 8114 100% Peruvian Highland Wool
Gauge: 5 sts/1in
Needle: US 7

More pictures of my fabulous little friend and details of her new favorite sweater below:

I made a little rose from it, using the instructions on the Winter issue of Vogue International rose pillow. But I was not too thrilled with how it looked.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Yes, I smell yarn.

Random Rablings

Isn't it pretty? Those are the flowers that grow on the tree outside our little house. I love love love our little house, and it looks so homey when the tree outside starts blooming. Since today is such a cloudy, rainy, yucky day here in the D.C. outskirts, I needed something to cheer me up.

So I have a new internets friend. Actually, I have made a lot of new friends on the internets, but this one lives ACROSS THE STREET FROM ME!! Unbelievable. Here is the story for those of you that can deal with my ramblings. I am crazy about Crazy Aunt Purl. I read her blog every day, and when I am bored I go back and read past postings, to the point she might think I am web-stalking her, but she is just soo funny! Well, on her site she has a frapper map, which lets you map yourself. Well, I received a random message one day from someone saying something along the lines of "I saw you on Crazy Aunt Purl's map! I live in Woodbridge too!"

So we emailed for a few days and figured out we could walk over to each other's house! I have also persuaded her to revive her blog - so go check my new friend Wendy out! She has an adorable daughter that I cannot get enough off. She has persuaded me to give crochet a try, so as soon as I get rid of my yarn stash for pre-approved knitting projects, I will start the crocheing.

About that little stash issue. Ya... ummm...when I started reading all these knitting blogs and heard people talk about their "yarn stash" I honest to goodness thought - these people have issues! just use the yarn and then buy more - why clutter!.... I swear I thought that. And now, I repent.

Because, people, I have issues. Please see exhibit a, b, and c below:
Exhibit A: My newest purchase. Wendy told me that you could use Michael's coupons at A.C. Moore, and she gave me three for 40% off! Well, turns out that the only thing I wanted to buy was this gorgeous alpaca silk for my newest knitting obsession, the Somewhat Cowl by Knit and Tonic. (Her patterns are gorgeous!). But, the yarn was already on sale, so the coupons did not apply, and I got into this little discussion with the A.C. Moore girl, who clearly thought I was an idiot when she had to explain that to me like 4 times.

So, I bought the yarn anyways. And went to put it in my secret yarn hiding place so Tony won't notice how much yarn I buy (hi Tones!) and ya, the secret hiding place is kinda full (Exhibit B). Turns out I am a hypocrit. I am a yarn hoarding, stash loading person too. To add to it... I also kinda sorta stole my mom's stash (hi Mami!) and it is in the garage...(Exhibit C). So I have issues.

I finished the Momo sweater (in less than a week! I am getting good at this knitting thing!) and will block it and hopefully post pics next week. It turned out really cute, and I sorta kinda don't want to give it away. But I know I have to, so - sigh - I will.

Last but not least: Every Wednesday I get together at my dad's house to watch the Amazing Race. And every Wednesday he cooks. He is such an ego-maniac, and prudly presents his food stating "LOOK AT THIS! This would cost you $32 at any restaurant!". So this time, I took a picture. What do you people think? How much would you pay for this hoighty toighty meal created of random samplings of pate and cheese, seafood salad concoction, avocados, and god knows what else... $12.95?

Monday, April 03, 2006

Really.... she is too much...

My SP completely outdid herself. I thought that the final package for the exchange would be the last one she sent (remember it?). So imagine my surpise when Tony and I came home last Thursday to find another package by our front door.

The first words out of Tony's mouth were "you ordered something - AGAIN?!" but no, I hadn't. (Okay, yes, I have... but...nevermind).

My SP turned out to be Fawn over at f.pea and she ROCKS!!

I was in shock (for real peeps - I was!) and kept saying "I cannot believe she sent me ANOTHER package!". I took as many pics as I could while at the same time opening everything as fast as I could.

Here are some: adorable letter; SP socks that I now put on everyday as soon as I get home; assortment of really cute buttons.... from her own private stash... debbie bliss cashmerino something or other (can't remember right now - but its dee-lissh-ious; handmade soap! isn't she cute?...pic of her (say the word fawn, and the pic comes down); a much needed mouse pad (see evidence below); my secret pal socks that I won't take off...

old mouse pad; new mouse pad!! such an improvement...
another pic of my sock; me knitting... wearing my socks!

I could not have asked for a better first time SP experience! She completely rocks and I hope that we stay in touch. Thanks to her though, Tony is making me make him some socks. The yarn has been ordered.

In other knitting news, I got a yarn winder - wooo hoooo! I had so much fun winding my first two skeins, and when I told Tony this, he def. got scared that I woould get so much enjoyment from winding yarn.

In other knitting news, I am knitting a little sweater for my ex-co-worker, still kinda neighbor's daughter Momo. I started it last Thursday and I think I will finish it tonight! Will post pics and details tomorrow. But here are some pics as of Saturday morning:

that is the only part of my jade plant that will grow. It does not grow at all and I have had it for three years! Any ideas out there in the internets?