Saturday, October 22, 2005

"12 more inches..."

I finally finished Tony's scarf. The pattern is from "Stitch and Bitch". It is called "Ribbed for her Pleasure" on page 58. ( i heart the names of the patterns in this book!) I started it in the beginning of October, and would have finished it faster had he not insisted that it be "12 inches longer" about five times. Here is a picture of him wearing it - cute, right?

I could not wait to start a new project, so using my brand spankin' new circular needles that my dad bought me - (yay dad!) I started knitting another scarf for my oldest friend Michi. With the promise to myself that this is the very last scarf I will make for a while. This one is from page 37 of "Stitch and Bitch Nation" and it is called "Mom's Sophisticated Scarf". Here is what it looks like so far...

Friday, October 21, 2005

First post...

So I am learning how to knit, as I look for free-patterns and knitting instructions on-line, I was amazed at the amount of knitting blogs out there... so I am adding to them.